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 World's Finest Custom Built Fishing Rods and Gaffs !!

Angler's Envy  [About AE] is the world's leader in professional custom built fishing rods for offshore trolling, offshore stand-up fishing, live bait king mackerel fishing, bay fishing, coastal fishing, surf fishing, custom tuna rods, Chatham Special rods, and even customized gaffs and harpoons. With almost 30 years of experience of building and winding thousands of high quality and high performance custom designed fishing rods, we know exactly what it takes to build true precision high performance fishing rods that can impress even the most ardent of anglers. Our custom rods come with a long proven record of standing strong against the rugged test of time as well as easily handling whatever species of monster fish you might be targeting. 

We take pride in building a handcrafted hand wrapped one-of-a-kind fishing rod that will put you in a class of your own among your fellow anglers. We don't cut any corners and use only the world's top quality components. You can be sure your fishing rod is tough enough to outperform even the most powerful fish species as well as the most challenging fishing conditions. Whether you're looking for that International Game Fish Association World Record, or just enjoying the outdoors with family and friends, let the pros at Angler's Envy   custom design and build a fishing rod, gaff, or harpoon that makes the statement that you are always more then ready for the challenge.


Our Customizable Options and Maximum Performance are Superior


We offer an endless array of customizing possibilities including various custom wraps over mother of pearl, abalone inlayed wraps, photographic inlayed fish and text (for boat names, etc.) with a rainbow of brilliant custom colors, custom grips and performance rod butts. Our experience allows us to design and build an outstanding custom product that doesn't just look fantastic, it will still be catching fish for many years in come. Our rod building competition only wishes that they could produce this level of performance! Before you spend your money on glitz and fancy advertising, please remember to check out the outstanding performance and unparalleled durability that only Angler's Envy  has to offer in a highly custom performance fishing rod. [Contact Angler's Envy]


World's Finest Custom Designed Fishing Rods

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World's Finest Custom Designed Fishing Rods




Kevin Knox with bluefin tuna.


Our Guarantee: Of course, every Angler's Envy  product carries a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship and everything is built to the most demanding specifications anywhere in the world. (View our written warranty)  We are committed to using only top quality components from the world's leading manufacturers. This means that all of our component's are even further guaranteed by each of these leading manufacturers. Please don't settle for rods that are built just to catch the fishermen's eye. We build only the best custom rods and we promise you will receive a rod that is awesome to look at as well as performs better than any other custom built fishing rod anywhere. Folks, we haven't become known as the world's premiere custom rod manufacturer for nothing!


Kevin Knox, President - Angler's Envy


President  -  Angler's Envy   (410-490-0435)


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