World’s Finest Custom Fishing Rods and Gaffs!

30 Years of Experience

With over 30 years of experience of building and wrapping thousands of high quality and high performance, custom designed fishing rods, we know exactly what it takes to build true precision rods that can impress even the most ardent of anglers. Our custom rods come with a long proven record of standing strong against the rugged test of time as well as easily handling whatever species of monster fish you might be targeting.

Handcrafted and One-of-a-Kind

We take pride in building a handcrafted, hand wrapped, one-of-a-kind fishing rod that will put you in a class of your own among your fellow anglers. We don’t cut any corners and use only the world’s top quality components. You can be sure your fishing rod is tough enough to outperform even the most powerful fish species as well as the most challenging fishing conditions.

Superior Customizable Options

We offer an endless array of customizing possibilities including:

  • various custom wraps over mother of pearl
  • abalone inlayed wraps
  • photographic inlayed fish and text (for boat names, etc.)
  • a rainbow of brilliant custom colors
  • custom grips
  • performance rod butts

Maximum Performance

Our experience allows us to design and build an outstanding truly custom product that doesn’t just look fantastic, it will still be catching fish for many years to come. Check out the outstanding performance and unparalleled durability that only Angler’s Envy has to offer in a highly custom performance fishing rod!

Angler's Envy custom offshore rods.