If you do an Internet search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you will find several forums and message boards with countless numbers of our customers that will tell you about the high quality standards that we maintain! Our quality is in the details and we continually strive to “get it right” with every rod we build. Just about anyone can build a wild looking custom rod given the time and effort. But not everyone can build an awesome looking custom rod that will perform like an Angler’s Envy rod and will be durable enough to stand the harsh fishing environments and constant stress testing that avid anglers put our fishing rods through.

Good rods are available everywhere … the best fishing rods are available at Angler’s Envy!

“An artist and a true craftsmen …”

I would like to take the time and say that you are an artist and a true craftsmen who obviously takes pride in what you do! I would also like to thank you for the comfort you gave me in knowing the right choice of components and design were made! Please keep up the great work, there will never be another fishing rod on my boat.

Michael Chichester
New York

“… Flawless, beautiful and equally functional.”

I bought my first Angler’s Envy rods a couple years ago, a pair of pitch bait rods for Mid-Atlantic white marlin and sails. I couldn’t find anything off the shelf that felt just right for pitch baits so I approached Kevin for his expertise. His rods are flawless, beautiful and equally functional.

Since then I have asked Kevin to build me a couple 500g jigging rods. Again they far exceeded my expectations. My wife heard enough of me talking about his art, so she had him build me a custom gaff for Christmas one year. The only problem with this gaff was it was so beautiful that I was scared to take it on my boat. I finally gave in this year after 18 months of looking at on my rod rack and I took it offshore. Its first kill was a personal best 75lb wahoo.

There is really no reason to buy off-the-shelf rods with Angler’s Envy around. You will pay the same amount or more for a high end off-the-shelf rod as you will at Angler’s Envy, but at Angler’s Envy your options are endless for things like length, action, and design. He will build your rods to match your reels, and the finished product is superior to any off-the-shelf brand.

Ric Smith
Deale, MD

“… Angler’s Envy is my only choice of custom rods now and in the future.”

If you are in the market for a new fishing rod you have to call Kevin Knox at Angler’s Envy Custom Rods. Kevin is the nicest and most professional person you will ever meet and he will walk you through the design process to ensure your new rod meets every expectation for your intended target species. Angler’s Envy rods are simply “works of art” with an attention to detail and quality that is second to none. After fishing these rods and seeing what they are capable of, Angler’s Envy is my only choice of custom rods now and in the future.

Shane Holt (Fin Hunter Sportfishing)
Morehead City, NC

“… I have never seen anything that would compare to his work …”

I would like to take a moment to comment on my experiences with Kevin at Angler’s Envy. I started dealing with Kevin after experiencing repeated frustration with other “builders” in the industry. After meeting with Kevin, I was assured that HE would actually be building my set of rods. When dealing with other “builders” I found that most of them actually were brokers for the order and not the builder. They would take my money, but had nothing to do with the construction, other than calling someone else to build them. With Kevin’s experience and attention to detail, I have never seen anything that would compare to his work, and will never be going to anyone else for my rod needs in the future. Thank you, Kevin and keep up the great work!

Bob Lipinski
Clearwater, FL

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